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. tension fills san francisco bayview neighborhood after an officer-involved shooting and now officers say they found a key piece of evidence in the case. a break in the cates of a woman's whose body was dumped and set ablaze on an oakland street. the new development that the police just announced. thousands turn out in san francisco to watch the women's soccer team in the world cup final battle it ute in a nail- biting finish. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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5:00. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. >> they have the gun. that is what san francisco's police chief said about the woman fired. officers returned fire, killing the 19-year-old man. we continue our coverage of the controversial shoot and ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san francisco with the new developments in the investigation and the neighborhood's response. maureen. >> reporter: heather, police credit the community and this cell phone video for helping to find that weapon. in the video, you see a large crowd near 3rd and oakdale following yesterday's officer- involved shooting. the person who posted it unanimously claims you see a handgun 20 feet from the mortally wounded teenager and that someone in a hooded sweatshirt picked it fun. >> whoever posted the videotape demonstrated that there was a firearm at the scene and people at the scene made off with the weapon. >> reporter: officers say they recovered the weapon at o10:30 last night. police say the video and independent witnesses back up the officer's story, when they
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tried to detain a 19-year-old for fare evasion on muni's line, he fired at them. >> god bless the community who has the courage to come forward and tell us the whole story, that there were shoots fired at the officer and there was a weapon at the scene. that all led to us being able to recover the weapon. >> reporter: at the scene today, protesters surrounded a memorial for the teen, claiming that the shooting was racially- motivated. >> he just got a barber college license to cut hair. he ways good person, really. he just didn't pay his fare. >> reporter: not true, according to police. who say the suspect had a serious criminal record out-of- state. on additional ten officers have been assigned in last weeks. >> to eradication social blight, the issue will remain the same. >> reporter: police say one of
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the officers involved is a senior member in the bayview and did not recognize the suspect. the medical examiner's office has not yet released the teenager's name and police have not yet released details with the suspect's criminal record. reporting live in san francisco, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the shooting is being investigated by the district attorney's office and the office of citizen complaints. tomorrow at noon several groups say they plan to protest last night's shooting as well as the recent officer involved at civic center bart station. the organizers call both shootings senseless and want an independent fbi investigation. in the south bay a woman was killed after being destruction by a minivan. police say the victim was hit on southbound monterey world close to old tully road. the driver of the minivan did stop and stayed to talk to investigators and was released without charges. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. police in oakland are looking into a suspicious death
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on a city street. it happened about 4:30 saturday afternoon in the 1000 block of 57th near the emeryville border. police say they found the victim, who apparently died of injuries suffered during a robbery. there was no word on the identify of the vim or how he or she died. in west oakland, a shooting happened about 10:00 near the corner of 19th and west streets. officers say they responded to a report of shots fired and found a victim suffering several gunshot wounds. the victim was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. witnesses said a single gunman used a handgun to fire the shots. there is no word on a motive or suspects in the case. there as been a development in the investigation of a 21- year-old mother whose burning body was found on an oakland street. the body of 21-year-old monica rodas was discovered early
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thursday morning on ivanhoe road. meantime, friends and family of monica rodas held a fundraiser and pitched in to wash cars in oakland at eastlake ymca. the money will go towards funeral costs and a trust for rodas' 1-year-old son. organizers say they washed about 150 cars, raising about l700. >> it was thrill, nerve- wracking and in the end for usa fans, disappointing. ktvu's john sasaki in san francisco, where thousands gathered to watch the women's world cup soccer final on the big-screen. >> reporter: ken, here in civic center plaza, people were waving the stars and stripes all day, cheering on the usa in the world cup finals and early in the game it looked like the us was pulling off the win. twice in the second half san francisco crowd erupted when the us scored go-ahead goals. >> it could not have been more
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exciting. to the very end it was a nail- biter. >> reporter: this was a huge audience, perhaps 5,000 strong. a fan-favorite was the american goalkeeper hope solo. for the start of the game we joined petaluma's david solo, hope's half-brother. >> i'm really overcome with emotion and i can't believe she is in the final for the world cup. >> reporter: solo shared time with young soccer players and shared with us a text he received from home this morning. >> i just assumed she wouldn't get back to me today. he was no way thinking that she has bigger fish to fry today. >> reporter: in the end they couldn't stop the underdog japanese work won it in a shootout. the cinderella story for japan, suffering from the march earthquake and tsunami. this one clearly lifted some heavy hearts. >> it was three games and we
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had such hope. >> reporter: some american fans also told me that if the us didn't win, japan was the next best thing. live in san francisco, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. definitely a sunday to watch sports at the white house. >> what is up, guys? >> are you watching the world cup today, sir? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. cameras caught up with the first family on the way home from church. president obama said he plans to spend the day with his daughters watching the finals of the women's world cup soccer match of the it was a game that didn't go the way that the us fans wanted. look at the reaction in japan, soccer fans watched and waited through the early morning hours as their team and the us women battled. japan won the game and you can see there fans were ecstatic
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for more on the women's windstorm game and other bay area sports event visit ktvu zom and click on the bay area sports tab. >> this weekend's weather didn't feel like summer in the bay area. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us with the temperatures and the overnight lows we can expect. >> halpern, temperatures have been on the cool side and really not much change today temp weiss. here latest is in the satellite with a patch or two of clouds near part of the san mateo coastline. as far as current numbers, you have the updated, no 70s, no 90s and warmest locations in the low to mid-70s. fairfield right noul 75 and oakland 66. and mount view topping out in the upper 60s at 6 degrees. forecast in the short-term at 6:00, breezy and 58-72 degrees by 8:00, mostly clear skies and by late tonight, 10:00 and 1:00, partly cloudy skies and temperatures back down into the 50s. >> overnight lows first thing
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tomorrow morning, low clouds consent trade coastside around the bay. most of the bay area starting out tomorrow morning in the 50s. as far as temperatures, i will let you know when our next warm- up begins and when 90-degree heat returns to our forecast. thank you, mark. word tonight that scientists are looking at the safety of the diablo canyon nuclear plant is built right next to the ocean near two active earthquake faults about 12 miles away from san luis obispo. it's owned by pacific gas & electric, which says the reactors are strong enough to survivor a 8.5 quake on the faults. the san francisco chronicle report says that geologists say that the faults may be capable of producing a much larger quake. researchers at stanford are working on a new network called the quake-catcher network. all weekend crews are installing quake sensors in dozen of volunteered homes and offices of the scientists hope
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that the project will grow and better understand earthquakes. a major mile stoerner completed in the doyle drive project this weekend. what crews finished and what is next? and mission accomplished in los angeles. the traffic event many feared is now over and what l.a.'s mayor says was key to making the 405 closure so smooth. and what is ahead for the us as the debt crisis areas in its deadline?
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. drivers who used highway 1 in san francisco are getting used to some new changes. overnight crews shut down both lanes of the roadway to transition drivers to the new bridge. that is just north of the mcarthur tunnel. that bridge now provides two lanes instead of one and as ktvu's claudine wong reports crews say there has been a lot of progress on doyle drive. >> reporter: this morning drives coming from marin county into san francisco found themselves adjusting to yet
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another change many their commute. but it's one that they can get used to. highway 1 is now two lanes. the exit, if you are going from golden gate bridge to highway 1, two lanes that will be permanently two lanes forward. the overnight shut down and transition considered just another milestone from the 1 billion doyle drive project that has been underway since 2009 but caltrans says it's time to get rid of a roadway that is outdated and substandard. this weekend's transition is one milestone crews are celebrating another. take a close look at crews. they are working above ground burb they are also down below. because doyle drive is going underground and the floor of the first tunnel just went in. >> it's essentially a pretty deep trench and we're constructing a roof over it as owessed to a more traditional tunnel like the double slide tunnel. >> reporter: like the bay bridge project caltrans wants to do this while keeping traffic moving as much as
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possible burb that is not easy with so many phases. smile it's hard to keep track. >> it's about as complicated as it gets. >> reporter: so major milestones this weekend, but bigger ones ahead. the plan is to get all traffic off of the doyle drive and onto a temporary bypass by the end of the year. that way demolition can quinn. this entire project expected to be complete by 2014. in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. carmageddon averted in los angeles as construction wrapped up early on the project that closed a portion of a major freeway. all ten lanes of the 405 freeway were up and running shortly after noon. transit officials could have warned that the work could have lasted until tomorrow morning. los angeles' mayor commended people for not creating a major traffic jam. >> they not only get in their cars burb frankly, didn't leave their homes for the most part and if they did, they walked,
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took a bus or biked. they heard us loud and clear and they answered the call. >> a ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway between ventura boulevard and the santa monica freeway was closed so crews could demolish the bridge. well a tunnel in marin county is get high honors. the cal park hill tunnel project was named project of the year by the american public works association. you are looking at video of the tunnel when it opened back in december after a $28 million upgrade that included upgrades for pedestrians and bicyclists. there is word some republican presidential candidates are set to debate each other this week getting their questions from twitter. an organization called the says its hosting the event on wednesday. according to its website tim
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patti, michele bachmann, rick santorum, new gingrich and thaddeus mccotter all agreed to take part. the website says the candidates will answer questions asked from tweets. a growing number of grow up presidential candidates are taking a different path in the race to the white house. republican voters in iowa will be the first to choose a candidate, but texas congressman ron paul is making the rounds this weekend in new hampshire. he is running tv-ads touting his opposition to raising the debt ceiling, while his message of fiscal conservatism is expected to play better in new hampshire than iowa, where primary voters have traditionally responded more to social issues, such as abortion and gay-rights. mime republican jon huntsman led a motorcycle ride through the salt lake valley this weekend. huntsman is focusing his early efforts on new hampshire. the former ambassador to china
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is touting his fiscal conservatism credentials. democrats and republicans seemed to agree that the debt limit needs to be raised, but there was not much common ground about issues surrounding the federal budget ability the us economy. >> every leader sitting down with the president said we cannot default on america's debt. if we call into question the full faith and credit of the united states for the first time in your history, interest rates will go up and this recession will get worse. >> i don't have any confidence that anything that republican or democratic leaders is going to lead to the solutions. ill am looking for a win-win and a way to raise the debt ceil and we need to, but we need to address fundamentally what got us into debt. >> one issue now being discussed involves a balanced budget amendment to the us constitution. memorial may be the final day of the minnesota's government shut down. the governor and legislative leaders plan to hold a session as early as tomorrow to finalize a budget deal.
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the deal closes a $5 billion shortfall. the state government in st. paul shut down on july 1st because. the impass. republican opposition has scuttled president obama's first pick to head a group. elizabeth warner has spent the last year setting up the consumer financial protection bureau which opened thursday, but senate republicans said they would block wahren's confirmation. president obama is expected to nominate former iowa attorney general cordray. boxes headed to troops on the frontline and how one bay area man's mission is saving lives for the men and women battling overseas. more fallout from the news of the world scandal.
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. loved ones of some of the 237 people killed on twa flight 800 are holding a memorial service this evening to mark 15 years since that tragedy. the paris-bound jumbe jet exploded shortly after takeoff from new york's airport and tsa
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investigators derrilled that faulty wiring sparked a fire that caused the explosion. it all started with one box shipped off it a long time friend, a commander at war. but now that one box has grown to two tons of supplies a month being sent trently to american forces on the front lines. ktvu's mike mibach talked to the man behind the mission. >> it's 130 degrees over there in summertime. >> reporter: his name is aaron negherbon and he founded "troops direct." >> there is no red tape and change of command. they need it and we can get it there sometimes faster than military supplies cans. >> reporter: negherbon says he packed 50-pound boxes. >> we send over powder, chalk pouredder that our service members used to identify where roadside bombs are in place because in worst-case scenarios they are using bottom caps. >> reporter: thinks his passion
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continues because of stories he started to hear and in one instance his sergeant told him his men were pinned down in rugged terrain for an extended period of time. >> commanders were flying troops direct boxes out and pushing them out the side of helicopters, knowing that was in the boxes, in bulk, would keep them going and in the end, they were eating protein pouder raw that we supplied them. >> reporter: those story are his motivation and his sacrifice is nothing compared to those that he is supplying. >> when a colonel tells me that the troops direct is single-handedly changing the manner he operates on the frontlines makes me feel good know hag we're increasing the likelihood of bringing our service members back home. >> negherbon tells mike-barch it's not about endorsing war or the politics surrounding war, but said the mission is to provide for american troops. >> news corps executive rebekah brooks was just
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released on bond. rupert murdoch's protege and former secretary was arrested by scotland yard in the ever growing corruption scandal. brooks was in charge of the tabloid news of the world when reporters alleged lid hacked phone messages and bribed police for tips on celebrities, politicians, even crime and terrorism victims. her release comes following the resignation of the head the scotland yard today. >> ed as commission a carry the ultimate responsibility for the position we find ourselves in. with hindsight, i wish we had judged matters involved in this affair differently. i didn't and that is it. >>. >> at brupt resignation of the head of the scotland yard caught many by surprise. sir paul stephanson felt the scandal would distract from police efforts to prepare for next year's summer olympics in london. the health of egypt's ousted president is causing
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concern in the middle east after hosni mubarak received a stroke and quickly said the exiled leader suffered dizziness, but is in stable condition. mubarak is to face trial in two weeks on charges that he ordered the killing of protesters. fresh demonstrations continue tonight with many complaining that egypt's reform is too slow. venezuelan president hugo chavez is in cuba and arrived in havana last night, greeted by cuban president raul castro. he has not made public the kind of cancer he suffering from, but underwent surgery last month to remove a tumor from his pelvic area and says he will run for re-election nextyer. in kabul, afghanistan, the taliban claimed responsibility for killing a senior advisor to president karzai and says two
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suicide bombers killed kahn at his home. he was a former regional governor. he is the latest member of karzai's inner circle to be killed. just a week ago the president's half-brother was killed. in tripoli, nato warplanes bombed warehouses being used by forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. >> additional early morning airstrikes were carried out on gaddafi forces in brega. in jerusalem, israeli firefighters are gretting the upper hand on bush fryers that came within a few hundred feet of the holocaust memorial and museum. employees and visitors had to be evacuated. investigators say the fire appears to be caused by arson, because it started in several locations at the same time. casey anthony walked out of a florida jail, past a crowd of angry demonstrators. a jury convicted the 25-year- old of lying to investigators, but found her not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter.
5:27 pm
she dodged reporters in the crowd and since has dropped out of sight. casey stegall reports. >> reporter: after spending nearly three years behind bars, casey anthony walking out of jail a free woman. she was released from the orange county correctional facility just after midnight. there were only three journalists allowed inside. >> the cameraman, you see a sign of relief that she is not intense. she has release. there is a smile, but not a very bright smile, but there is a sign of glad to be out thereof. >> reporter: there was unusual security for her release as angry protesters gathered outside. >> she had such a jury trial that was a bunch of joke, a 6- year-old would have made a more conscious decision than what they actually did. >> reporter: casey was given $500 in cash from her jail account, when she left. she and her attorney josi baez
5:28 pm
getting into an suv. a short time later there was police activity as two vehicles pulled up to a private jet at an executive airport. but there is no confirmation that casey actually boarded a plane. officials at the airport saying that the jet was merely carry something golfers from their vacation headed back to ohio. meantime, some supporters of casey anthony saying she deserves a new life. >> people need to respect the judicial system and respect due process and just let her and her family live their lives rfp it's not clear where casey anthony will go next or what she will do. meanwhile over the weekend, dozens of people from all over the country have come to this spot here, the woods behind me, the same wood where's the remains of little caylee anthony were found back in 2008. some are here to pay their respects, others to protest casey's release, some just to
5:29 pm
snap a photo. in orlando, casey stegall, fox news. the driver of a taxi usedded a amobile gam show struck and killed a 16-year-old man in vancouver. the canadian version of "cash cab," hit the man late friday night. he died a short time later at the hospital. a producer was driving the cab back to a garage after a day of filming the show when the crash happened. "cash cab" acts a normal cab and ask people questions for cash prizes as they driver to their destination. a restaurant near pittsburgh, pennsylvania is cause a stir, by bang children less than 6 years old. mcdain is in monroeville, pennsylvania and the owner says customers complained that unsurprised youngsters were spoiling their meals. he has taken media calls from around the world and giving 61 interviews in just the last week. >> in sydney we did three radio stations in australia and one in new zealand.
5:30 pm
i did a primetime tv show in canada last night and did national canadian radio. >> vuick says business is booming. and mail is running ten to 1 in support of the six-and-older policy. thousands of people descend on san francisco. we take you inside the city's 25th annual aids walk. plus budget cuts led to their termibbation, but nearly a dozen san josi firefighters will soon be back on the job. the reason their jobs were saved. it was a sea of cute, furry faces in jack london square and the event that helped creatures of all shapes and sizes.
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. it's been 30 years since aids was first diagnosed and for 25 of those years organizers have been raising money to fight the disease at aids walk san francisco. ktvu's christien kafton followed today walk that raised more than $3 million. >> reporter: the crowd lined up to walk the six-mile curse in san francisco's golden gate park, some of them took an already challenging walk and took it to new heights. >> i made the promise i would raise more $5,000 i would do it in red puffers and i raised rf 8500. >> i'm walking because i am aids myself since 1992. >> reporter: he says seeing this crowd of more than 25,000 is an inspiration. >> i love it.
5:34 pm
it's like, i hear a lot of people caucfor the cause and darn right, it's my cause and i'm walking for it. >> reporter: others like dan jones walks in memory of someone else. >> i'm walk for my brother who died in 1995, who diedf aids and i'm walking for everybody who has hiv/aids and just for support, because i know we went through it and i know people need help. >> reporter: some sayn onthe 30th anniversary of the disease, they walk because they have never known a world without hiv and aids. >> it's growing more and more and more. so it's important to be educated and be safe. >> reporter: in 25 years of aids walk san francisco, organizers have managed to raise more than $84 million for bay area aids service organizations. in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu channel 2 news. 22 firefighters accepted their jobs back earlier this week, thanks to a federal
5:35 pm
grant. tomorrow the firefighters will retrain at the san josi fire academy before returning to regular duty. thousands of volunteers across the country took part in the bay area project today. researchers at san francisco state university call it the great bee count. people were asked to count how many bees landed on certain flowers in their area within a 15-minute window. the project is meant to help map how bees are doing across north america. scientists say the information is very important because as we all know, bees help pollinate trees and plants. officials at santa rosa junior college are reminding students that the early bird may get the class. early enrollment is set to start at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow online. the number and kinds of classes has dropped because of budget cutbacks. returning students have had a chance to sign up for the classes that they want and need and according to the president democrat, 20% of the classes are full. the fall term is set to start in four weekend.
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officials are considering bringing baseball to the city to renovate albert park baseball field and bring a minor league team to san raphael. supporters say a pro-team will generate up to $12,000 a year for the city and opponents are worried about alcohol consumption and increases traffic. metering lights are coming to interstate 680, and will flicker alive starting monday on the southbound on-ramps between pleasanton and milpitas. transportation officials hope that the lights reduce traffic during the businessy morning commute and will be set at green for a week and then on july 25th they go into regular operation. and new activity at san francisco's museum of modern art has visitors asking who done it? the museum is now hosting murder-mystery scavenger hunts. the two-hour hunt takes participants all over the museum for clues linked to specific works of art that will eventually lead to the killer.
5:37 pm
six other museum across the us are also offering the same game. dogs and kits and other furry critters looking for new homes in jack london square. the east bay ja and other rescue groups combined their efforts to find homes for dozens of dogs, cats and rabbits. some focused on specific breeds, such as these long- haired dachshunds. >> he did seven miles at mount tam, so nobody should say dachshunds can't hike. they run with the big dogs, right? >> . [ laughter ] >>the heat is on in parts of midwest. so a weather combination that has some temps pushing past 100 degrees. what about our weather? it's been pretty cool, but meteorologist mark tamayo is coming up to tell us we may be
5:38 pm
getting heat, too.
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. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis worked over time to finish moving the last of five tons of supplies to the international space station. nasa also fixed a computer glitch that had affected the shuttle for several days. shuttle atlantis will undock from the space station on tuesday and return to earn for the last time on thursday. clams, oysterers and mussels from the ocean are apparently threatened by increasing greenhouse gas pollution. researchers say that carbon dioxide being absorbed by the wore's observe is raising acidification levels. researchers say that in the next ten to 50 years, the ocean
5:41 pm
shellfish population could crash causing widespread hunger in coastal nations that rely on they will for food. the national weather service is warning hot, humid weather in the mid west is posing a health threat. a heat advisory is in effect in areas including milwaukee, wisconsin. experts say the very young, elderly and pets will be especially vulnerable to the higher temperatures and their urging people to drink a lot of fluids and do whatever they can to stay cool. we haven't had that problem around here. >> nope. >> but it might be heating up soon. mark tamayo in the weather center. >> we have basically the same thing for a week now. over the next few days, temperatures will gradually bump up and no major heatwaves showing up. live stormtracker 2, we cleared out today with mostly sunny skies across the entire bay area. we're looking for a patch or two of cloud cover out towards
5:42 pm
the san mateo coastline. wind speeds cranking up that onshore breeze. a look at our buoy sensors and one in the middle of the bay, we have winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. already fairfield, at travis air force base, wind gust of you to 2. looking to the oakland estuary, you see mostly clear sky and that breeze still out there. still a pleasant evening across the bay area and temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s. forecast headlines for tomorrow, clear and breezy, low clouds develop late tonight. tomorrow, still a bit of a breeze out there and that will be the headline in the extended forecast with a bit of a bump in the numbers. we're talking about the warm-up across the nation's midsection. this saul basically connected as you have hot air in the middle of the country and cool air, especially coverage. this area of low pressure is archerred over california. skies becoming partly sunny and not much of a change in
5:43 pm
temperature. tuesdays, we could have a little bit of a dip in the numbers. thursday and friday, a bit of a bump in the numbers and by next weekend, a week from now, the warmest locations could be approaching the lower 90s as high pressure builds in from the desert southwest. this is not a major heatwave showing up just yet. our forecast models show you some of the fog first thing tomorrow morning concentrated coastside and around the bay. as we put this into motion you can see the clouds pulling back near the coastline. patchy fog for the coastline and partly sunny around the bay and more sunshine for the inland spots. really not a big change from today tempwise. tomorrow, partly sunny skies, and we'll call it mild inland. there is the eventual temperature range from 60-80 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow afternoon, you can see a few low 70s from clear lake outside
5:44 pm
tortes saint helena. fairfield, 79 and oakland tops out at 70 and the temperatures inland back up to the upper 70s to lower 70s. san josi, 76, morgan hill at 80 and san francisco you can have the clouds becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. a forecasted high of 66 degrees. here is the five-day forecast i have prepared for you. you can see not much change that tuesday and then for wednesday, thursday and friday, we're gradually going to warm things up. we have kind of delayed the warm up a bit, at least talking about the 90-degree heat, but that will move into the region saturday and especially by sunday. heather and ken, these are all just minor changes. you won't wake up one day and say, boy it's warm out here. it's about a week way. >> it's on its way. >> it's coming. >> when it's nice, you would wanted ice cream. it would be nice to have a national ice cream day. >> yeah. >> too bad they couldn't have it that. >> let me interrupt you, because it turns out that they do.
5:45 pm
if you need an excuse, interest is good reason, it's national ice cream day. businesses were booming at the creamery in oakland where people dialed in to get a scoop of think of favorite flavor. if you didn't enjoy it today, don't worry, it's national ice cream month. it was created in 1984 by a big ice cream fan, president ronald reagan. >> and jelly beans, he liked them too. [ laughter ] one game decided early and the other game decided late and the british open fine was one for the ages. >> well have much more on the women's world cup championship and what led to the us defeat. sportswrap is coming up next.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. its with a day of missed opportunities and in the end, ultimate heartbreak for the us women's world cup soccer team. here is what they were playing for as the us took on japan in the finals in frankfurt, germany. the scoreless first half saw the us miss a number of scoring positions. alex morgan with a great individual effort to score the goal that looked for a long time it might bet game-winner. but japan stayed alive with the game roughly nine minutes from its conclusion. too much traffic in front of us goalie hope solo, aya miyama cleans up at the net. 2-1 lead for the american in the 104, morgan with the assist
5:49 pm
as wambach moved into third place all-time with her 13th world cup goal. six minutes from celebrating a championship, the us found its tied and this time japan executes the perfect corner kick, they go to penalty kicks tied at two when the us returns, shannon boxx soundly blocked by japan goalie haverrori and japan becomes the first asian country in the history to hoist the trophy. having not won three of the major six championships you would have to say that players
5:50 pm
from northern ireland now represent the center of golf's universe. the latest champion, darren clarke, beginning today's final round with a one-stroke lead in pursuit of his first major. clarke hitting his approach to the par-2 second hole, to set him up nicely for birdie and two-stroke lead. when michelson made eagle on the 7th hole he wassed to a for the lead. mickelson 6 under par through 10 burb he made four boggize, like here at 11:00 mickelson finished with a 68, three strokes back. clarke got that stroke back and one more when he, too, was good on an eagle putt on the same 7 hole. the other player in contention was dustin johnson. johnson began the day one stroke back, making birdie on no. 12, he was back within two with six to play. any chance of johnson rallying
5:51 pm
late came to abend at 14 and where his second shot ends up in the briars and brambles. johnson did not threaten again. that meant clarke could cost coming in. he took at 18, his par-putt comes close, but doesn't drop. even par-70 for clarke who ends up five under par for the tournament and three strokes ahead of the rest of the field. final look at how it all shook out. over mickelson and johnson. thomas bjorn finished four strokes back. three americans tie even par, chad campbell, anthony kim and rickie fowler. by now the pattern is well- established, the giants never seem to win a game couldn'table, but after another tight one in san diego they head home winners of three out of four. matt cain pitched well enough to win. no decision because of, this orlando hudson was the two-run single giving the padres the
5:52 pm
lead. only one of the three was earned. andrus torres comes around with the tieing run. thestewart at plate, giants executed a perfect suicide squeeze and brian wilson survivors a shaky bottom of the inning with his 28th save. doesn't happen any other way for the team. square of lopez:451 after taking this one in relief. the oakland a's turned back the clock to the 80s and did more than look like the guys from that decade. they played like this. mc hammer bobblehead day featuring feathered hair and aerobic gear.
5:53 pm
based loaded and gives up to hideki matsui. after the a's made it 3-0, jackson stepped to the plate with the based loaded again. that pitch will not stay in the yard. first grand slam. weeks promptly delivered a single, that was more than enough for all-star pitcherrer gonzalez. gonzalez gets out of a mini jam when torri hunter bounces back to him, gonzalez goes seven innings allowing four hits, a's win it, 9-1, oakland off tomorrow before playing the first of two in detroit on tuesday. still to come, on this early sunday sportswrap, we'll check in on the 15th stage of the tour de france and see how a long day for one of nascar's top drivers knocked hill out of the top spot is in the
5:54 pm
standingsed. we'll be right back. ee accesse atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. it's tied at top in nascar sprint cup standings and that means things could change dramatically. bursch's day ended early on lap 60, busch cuts his tire and ends up against the wall. take a look at his car. you will see you cannot continue like this. he tumbled from the top spot in points to no. 5. it was a good day for the stewart-haas racing team and ryan neuman finished first and his teammate tony stewart right behind him. the new points leader is carl edwards. 120 miles the challenge in today's 15th stage of the tour de france. the finishes with a sprint that couldn't be much closer. keep an eye on mark cavendish, who just edges out tyler
5:57 pm
farrar. the yellow jersey still belongs to thomas voeckler. apparenty they felt obligated or didn't pay attention to nelson. nelson has had talks with the timberwolves' general manager about replacing the fired head coach. he has two stints with the warriors and he became the league's all-time wins leader of. finally tonight the end of the nfl lockout appears close. talks resume tomorrow in new york with court-appointed mediator, who has been on vacation. both sides are looking for an agreement in time fiscal quarter owner's meeting on thursday. that is it for this evening early sunday night sportswrap. we'll see you at 10:00. >> the poor us women's team did just a great job, but you have to give it to japan.
5:58 pm
>> and probably the sentimental favorite because of all that happened. >> tough loss for them. thank you, joe tonight on the 10:00 news we'll hear from the girlfriend of the san ensem moe man who was missing in a blow hole. that story and more coming up object 10:00 news. that is our report for now. >> i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne and for everyone here at ktvu, we'll see you at 10:00 and
5:59 pm

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